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All our services are clinical supervised and meet OAP requirements 
Online ABA Services

Sessions will take place in real time with a clinical team member

Service may include:

  • 1:1 sessions with clients

  • Parent Coaching

  • Workshops for parents, educators and ABA professionals

  • Consultation for professionals

ABA 1:1 Therapy

Applied behavioural analysis (ABA) is a therapy that can improve social, communication, and learning skills through reinforcement strategies. Many experts consider ABA the most acceptable treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) or other developmental conditions.

Target skills may include:

  • Language

  • Communication

  • Pre-academic/academic

  • Social skills

  • Independent living skills

Early Intervention Services (age 18 months to 6 years)

Early Intervention Services uses Naturalistic Developmental Behavioural Intervention (NDBI) therapy strategies, emphasizing relationship-based learning and focusing on social and communication taught through daily activities such as eating, dressing, book-reading, and play

Our certified JASPER (joint attention, symbolic play, engagement and regulation)trainer will target the below skills when teaching your child:

  • Communication

  • Social interaction

  • Turn-taking

  • Play skills

  • Joint attention

Parent Coaching

Caregiver/Parent training is offered to families of children already receiving (or on the waiting list for) Nutcracker Therapy services as part of the ABA/Early Intervention Services package. Targets will be discussed with the family, and priorities will be determined in the best interests of the client and the family's culture as well as their value. 

School/Daycare Shadowing

At the request of parents/caregivers and in agreement with schools and daycare, we will:

  • Support transition from ABA to school

  • Provide ABA consulting and strategies to maximize success in the integration

  • Work with teachers and attend school meetings

  • Shadow or observe a child in a setting and provide data and observation notes to the support team

RBT/BCaBA/BCBA Supervision

Supervision hours are offered to candidates seeking RBT, BCBA or BCaBA certification through the Behavior Analyst Certification Board. We offer supervision of independent fieldwork experience.

If you are a staff or a volunteer with Nutcracker, you will work with our clients. If you are an external candidate, you will be working with your own clients.

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